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Januzaj Is Getting Kicked But Must Stop Diving, Just Like Ronaldo Did... And Then Young Star Can Become A Great, Says Moyes

Jump around: Cristiano <a href=?teen Mom? Star Farrah Abraham Continues To Work With Mtv? Ronaldo also garnered a reputation for diving early in his Manchester United career' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> 'That is what I continually say. I just hope it doesn't take a sore one before people start doing something about it.' A decade ago, Ferguson was saying very similar things about Ronaldo. Jump around: Cristiano Ronaldo also garnered a reputation for diving early in his Manchester United career Same old? Some might say Cristiano Ronaldo still isn't the most steady player on his feet after moving to Real Madrid And while Farrah Abraham Kicked Out Of Rehab Program Early For 'disruptive' Behavior: Report Moyes fought shy of comparing the two, it is an obvious reference point for what could be achieved by Januzaj. 'Some people need to realise this is a young talent,' said Moyes. 'At the moment they are kicking him but it is right, they also kicked Ronaldo and look at the player he went on to be. 'Adnan will also go on to become a great player in time. 'At the moment the job is to make sure he is able to play.' With Robin van Persie almost certain to miss out with a thigh injury and Danny Welbeck a doubt due to the bang on the knee that forced him out of Saturday's win over West Ham, Moyes is likely to be relying on Januzaj to some extent at Hull on Boxing Day.
Full story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2528975/Adnan-Januzaj-treading-Cristiano-Ronaldos-route-success-Manchester-United.html

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