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Whites More Likely To Undergo Weight-loss Surgery: Study

http://carltonmbdk.wordpress.com/2014/01/07/curves-workouts-with-jillian-michaels-available-locally/ WEIGH IN: Ask your fitness questions "But, in fact, the patients we talked to rarely mentioned economic barriers, so that didn't account for [the] twofold difference" between white patients and black patients, Wee noted. Ces 2014 Preview: Health And Fitness Tech Education levels and the impact of other health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes also did not explain why whites were more likely than blacks to have weight-loss surgery, the investigators pointed out. However, obesity-related quality-of-life issues -- such as mobility, sexual function, work life, self-esteem and social stigma -- did play a part in this racial disparity, the researchers said. "What we found is that a significant reason that more African Americans have not considered weight-loss surgery is that obesity has not diminished their quality of life as much as it has diminished quality of life for Caucasians," Wee said in the news release. The researchers also found that just as many blacks as whites said they would consider weight-loss surgery if their doctor recommended it, but doctors were less likely to recommend the surgery for black patients. That may be because black patients are less likely to feel that obesity affects their quality of life, so they're less likely to express such concerns to their doctor, Wee explained. "Quality of life is clearly a very important motivator to patients with obesity.
Full story: http://www.newsday.com/news/health/whites-more-likely-to-undergo-weight-loss-surgery-study-1.6758088

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