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Panama Canal And Construction Companies Closer To Understanding On Over-costs

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Why Entrepreneurs Love Panama

The already delayed project aims to make the 80-kilometer waterway, which handles five percent of global maritime trade, big enough to handle new, giant cargo ships that can carry 12,000 containers. GUPC has a 3.2 billion contract to build a third set of locks for the century-old canal, which currently welcomes ships that carry up to 5,000 containers. The work began in 2009 and David was supposed to conclude this year, but it is nine months behind schedule and is now expected to be finished in June 2015. But GUPC says it ran into unforeseen costs because the canal authority gave the builders the wrong information regarding the area's geology. The canal authority resource has countered that the contractor's claims lack http://www.migente.com/your_page/blog/view_posting.html?pid=4514586&profile_id=8198384&profile_name=leopoldozzds&user_id=8198384&username=leopoldozzds any foundation and that GUPC must make its complaint in the legal bodies outlined in the contract. The extra funds proposed by canal officials would be used to pay contractors and subcontractors. Under the offer, GUPC would be required to deliver next month four canal lock-doors that were supposed to arrive last November and have already been paid for.
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Panama Canal refuses to pay $1 billion more for expansion work

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"We are not going to have another contract like we have with GUPC right now. We'll have another contractor that works directly for us to administer the rest of the contractors and people," he said of the contingency plan. The project was originally expected to cost about $5.25 billion, but the overruns could raise it to near $7 billion. Impregilo's proposal showed signs of a split in the consortium that has been expanding the canal. People familiar with the discussions said that Impregilo perceived Sacyr as too soft in negotiations and said the Italian company could be trying to wrest control of the project.
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