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Spicing Up Their Exercise Regimes! Mel B And Alicia Silverstone Leave The Same Bootcamp Class After A High-octane Workout

Natural beauty: Alicia happily went make-up free, showing off her rosy cheeks and glowing complexion Fancy seeing you here!: Mel B (L) and Alicia Silverstone were seen leaving the same exercise class on Wednesday Mel exited first, along with a group of other participants in the class, while Alicia followed up a short while later. The 38-year-old singer was sporting a form-fitting black top and matching cropped leggings with lime green piping, along with pink trainers. Mel, full name Melanie Brown, had her ombre locks tied in a ponytail and covered her make-up free face with sunglasses. Follow the leader: The Spice Girl was the first one to exit Barry's Bootcamp in West Hollywood Bright spark: The 38-year-old singer wore a black top and leggings with green piping, along with pink trainers She gratefully sipped on an energising smoothie to refuel after the exercise session, while carrying a bottle of water and a towel to mop up sweat. Meanwhile Alicia was happy to show off her rosy cheeks and see here flushed bare face as a result of the rigorous workout. The Clueless star highlighted her slim frame in a long-sleeved pink top over a tank top, simple black leggings and matching trainers.
Full story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2536101/Mel-B-Alicia-Silverstone-leave-bootcamp-class-high-octane-workout.html

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