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Alberta Public Sector Unions Challenge New Labour Laws

http://reyesmoyn.wordpress.com/2013/12/24/hollywood-moguls-raise-2-million-for-jerry-browns-re-election-campaign/ go!! list http://wilkersonxopc.soup.io/post/380847794/The-Hollywood-Reporters-Best-Stories-Of-The of 2014 travel spots January 5, 2014 4:33 http://gonzaloimyz.wordpressy.pl/?p=9 PM 0 shares . View gallery Alberta has ranked ninth in a UK newspaper's list of top 40 travel destinations for 2014. Albertans know their province is the best place to be, but a new ranking of top travel destinations by U.K. newspaper The Guardian suggests others are realizing it too. In their Holiday Hotspots ranking, released Friday, The Guardianranks Alberta in ninth placeon their list of the top 40 destinations for 2014.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/alberta-makes-top-10-uk-list-2014-travel-202932705.html

freedom of expression, freedom of association, the right to liberty and security of the person," the union said in a release Wednesday. The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees also filed a court challenge to Bill 45 Wednesday. Alberta Justice spokeswoman Wendy McGrath said the government is reviewing the legal documents. "We have literally just been served and we are reviewing the statement of claim and considering our next steps," she said. Bill amounts to 'unfair bargainging' Meanwhile, AUPE was heading to the labour [source] relations board to challenge the Public Service Salary Restraint Act, known as Bill 46, which would impose a contract on 22,000 government workers. AUPE president Guy Smith said the law, which was quickly passed and proclaimed last month, amounts to unfair bargaining.
More: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/alberta-public-sector-unions-challenge-new-labour-laws-1.2489205

Alberta bird flu death first case in North America

1. The victim died two days later. The health system did everything it could for this individual, and our thoughts are with the family at this time, Ambrose said. At this time, it is unclear how the Alberta bird fluvictim contracted the virus and there is no evidence of human-to-human transmission, which health officials say is rare. Dr.
More: http://beaconnews.ca/blog/2014/01/alberta-bird-flu-death-first-case-in-north-america/

10 dead from influenza in Alberta, Canada

Kenneth McKinley faces sexual assault, sexual interference and child pornography charges. He was to appear Wednesday in Hinton provincial court. Related U.S. court reverses conviction of Roman Catholic church official jailed in clergy abuse scandal The team that worked on the investigation is made up of RCMP, Edmonton police and other law enforcement officials. RCMP Sgt. Mike Lokken says police began investigating after receiving a tip from the RCMP National Child Exploitation Centre in Ottawa about images that suggested that the girl was being abused.
More: http://news.nationalpost.com/2014/01/08/alberta-police-arrest-52-year-old-man-after-child-pornography-investigation-indicates-threat-to-four-year-old/

Alberta police arrest 52-year-old man after child pornography investigation indicates threat to four-year-old

James Talbot, the chief medical officer of health for Alberta Health, said the outbreak is not a pandemic, but H1N1 is the recurring strain people are getting this year and it is beginning to strain the healthcare system, CBC reported. "Virtually all of the influenza that we're seeing in the province this year is H1N1," Talbot told the CBC. The 10 people, who died from influenza, were of 18 to 64 years of age, unlike other flu seasons when most flu fatalities were 65 and older, Alberta health officials said. The Public Health Agency of Canada said influenza activity, specifically the H1N1 strain, is widespread only in Alberta, but other provinces are experiencing increased influenza as well. Talbot said in the past week those seeking a flu shot -- only 23 percent of Canadians are immunized against the flu -- has increased and some clinics in Alberta ran out of vaccine. However, Tuesday clinics in Alberta are scheduled to again be offering flu vaccinations for free. Some drug stores in the province also provide flu vaccines for about $20.
More: http://www.upi.com/Health_News/2014/01/07/10-dead-from-influenza-in-Alberta-Canada/UPI-33111389104014/

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