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Paris, Believe The Hype

LMDW. This chic liquor store that will make you salivate: bitters with looping ink fonts and gold-embossed labels, and glistening colored-glass bottles filled with small batch heaven. But most important they have an upstairs bar where they do mixology training and whiskey tasting. Why buy boutique cocktails when you can make them yourself? Be Merry Les Marionnettes du Luxembourg. This mirthful piece of to learn more theatre will have you simultaneously filled with enchantment and hatred. Enchantment for the magic filled hour of puppetry and hatred that Paris is, in fact, amazing enough to have a five-euro marionette theater in the middle of glorious Luxembourg park.
More: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/anne-peterson/paris-believe-the-hype_b_4503835.html

Thanks @ SBGoodman for making me all my new merch! All my fans love when I throw them out to, tweeted Paris Hilton from her official twitter account. The star gives people gifts that they cant forget as her name is on every item. The smaller swag gives like sunglasses and hats probably would be easy for anyone in the audience to click here. catch, however the water is another story. Hopefully the bottles are gently tossed (and not thrown) because that could leave a mark.
More: http://www.examiner.com/article/paris-hilton-shows-off-her-concert-swag-my-fans-love-when-i-throw-them-out

Paris Hilton shows off her concert swag: ?My fans love when I throw them out'

Its higher-profile titles decidedly eclectic, the Rendez-vous lineup also features star vehicles: Heist caper The Last Diamond toplines Berenice Bejo; Pierre Salvadoris In the Courtyard stars Catherine Deneuve ; and two films feature Charlotte Gainsbourg : reincarnation thriller His Wife and Riad Sattoufs femme-ruled dystopia satire Jacky in the Kingdom of Women. Other noteworthy pics include post split-up drama Gazelles from Mona Achache (Hedgehog); love story Une Rencontre (Quantum Love), which Pathe Intl. picked up for world sales outside France, Belgium and Switzerland, from Lisa Azuelos (LOL); Helier Cisternes debut pic, teen drama Vandal, a Gallic critical hit; and a purported swan song: Jacques-Remy Girerds Aunt Hilda! from Folimage, Oscar-nommed for A Cat in Paris. There is also work from name directors: The confab will screen Lucas Belvauxs romance Not My Type, and Paolo Virzis Italian dynasty drama Human Capital. As with 2008s Welcome to the Sticks and 2010s Heartbreaker, comedies may provide this years breakout: At least 24 bow at the Rendez-vous market this year. The laffer list includes Albert Dupontels 9-Month Stretch, which hit a boffo 12.4 million Euros ($16.9 million) in France, while two are farces partly set in Africa: The Crocodiles of Botswanga and http://nigelydpg.blogs.experienceproject.com/2759278.html Scouting for Zebras, with Benoit Poelvoorde. Many of the comedies turn on romantic travails, including Catherine Castels Honey Trap, with Audrey Fleurot (Spiral), and EuropaCorps I Did It Again, with Alexandra Lamy (Ricky). Another debut, Benjamin Guedjs Quarter-Life Crisis, is a contempo slacker comedy. With French comedy a near-international brand, some will sell. The question is which, and for how much.
More: http://variety.com/2014/biz/news/huppert-deneuve-gainsbourg-bring-glam-to-paris-fest-1201038065/

Paris Lenon, Broncos starting linebacker, is last XFLer in NFL

View gallery The first images of the renovated Ritz Paris have been unveiled on the hotel's new website. Closed for renovation since summer 2012, the famed hotel on the Place Vendome in Paris is scheduled to reopen in 2014. In the meantime, the Ritz offers a sneak peek at its updated decor through its brand new website. Fans of the Ritz can catch a glimpse of the Imperial Suite, the luxurious indoor pool at the spa, and the Michelin-starred L'Espadon restaurant through colorful sketches by illustrator Damien Cuypers. A video takes the website's visitors behind the scenes of the renovation, presenting a few previously unseen images.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/ritz-paris-offers-sneak-peek-decor-revamped-website-165729065.html

Ritz Paris offers sneak peek at new decor on revamped website

For one glorious (notorious?) year, this wild pro football league was in full, furious function. The year was 2001, and now, all these years later, only one player from the XFL is still kickin' in the NFL. And that player site web is Broncos starting middle linebacker Paris Lenon. "It was entirely different than the National Football League," said Lenon, 36. "I'm pretty sure people have a lot of jokes about the league, but at the time for me, it was a situation where I had the opportunity to play in NFL Europe or stay in the states and make more money. And that's what it boiled down to." He was a member of the Memphis Maniax (I'm still trying to figure out how to spell the singular version of that nickname). Lenon had played at the University of Richmond, and after being cut by the Carolina Panthers, he revived his career with the Maniax, which led to jobs in the NFL for the next decade.
More: http://www.denverpost.com/hochman/ci_24872098/paris-lenon-broncos-starting-linebacker-is-last-xfler

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