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Rihanna Tattoo Meanings: See All The Pour It Up Singer's Tattoos And The Significance Behind Her Body Art

A skull and crossbones usually have a significance of danger, however the hazardous element is neutralized by the red or pink hair bow on top of the cartoon-ish and rudimentary skull and crossbones. In addition, her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown has a skull tattooed on both of his hands with a halo inked above each skull. Whether it has anything to do with the R&B singer's hand tattoos or not, the celebrities "Monster" singer's fairly small tattoo certainly stands out. 8. "Love" on finger The "We Found Love" singer had the word "Love" written in a simple yet sophisticated italic http://pasqualempzu.skyrock.com/3202810577-Kim-Kardashian-Flaunts-Major-Cleavage-While-Shopping-In-Beverly-Hills.html font on the inside of the middle finger of her left hand. The tattoo was done in 2008 by one of her regular tattoo artists in Los Angeles. It is placed so it does not get shown unless she sticks up her middle finger or gives the peace "v" sign. 9.
Full story: http://www.latinpost.com/articles/5742/20140109/rihanna-tattoo-meanings-see-pour-up-singers-tattoos-significance-behind.htm

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