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How To Get Beyonce's Butt, Jennifer Lopez's Legs And More Celebrity Red Carpet Fitness Tips!

Beyonce Kevin Mazur/WireImage Speaking of fabulous bodies... more info Jennifer Lopez has been showing off hers for years as well. It's no secret Jenny from the Block has an enviable butt, but, have you seen her legs?! The former professional dancer, who has one set of killer, toned stems, keeps them looking fab by getting in an hour of exercise every day, in which she does 30 http://journals.fotki.com/mosetziy/my-blog/entry/sqgfwrgfbrsqr/ minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of muscular structure, according to Hollywood Life . To get your legs red carpet ready like J. Lo, try out Dawn and Hodgson's moves to slim and tone your thighs through squat jumps, single leg lunges and plie and abductions (Get the instructions here ). All of these moves will not only help you tone up your thighs and legs, but they also increase metabolism, strengthen your knees, lift moved here your butt and tone your core.
Full story: http://www.eonline.com/news/502742/how-to-get-beyonce-s-butt-jennifer-lopez-s-legs-and-more-celebrity-red-carpet-fitness-tips

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